Todd and I just got back from our wonderful vacation to Alaska. We went on a cruise on the Norwegian Pearl. We had an amazing time and saw some of the most beautiful scenes of God’s creation. I am only  posting a few pics on here, but you can click here for the rest of them.

Me, Todd, Troy, and Sam in Glacier Bay

This is a pod of Orca Whales we encountered on our Seaplane tour. There were about 20 whales here! We were the only one in the water with them.
This is us after our plane tour in Ketchikan. It was just us six and the pilot. It was the best part of the whole trip. 
This was a dancing waterfall at Buchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C. Canada. Sam and I are posing on the wall that overlooks a huge cliff.
Bear Crossing sign on one of our walks. Do they really have bears that cross here?
Todd and I in front of the Mendenhall Glacier (to the left) in Juneau.
This was while we were in Skagway. We took a tour and train across the White Pass mountains and the Yukon area. It was cold up there!
I was so proud of myself for spotting these mountain goats in the distance on our tour. We are always on the lookout for wildlife and were supposed to shout when we saw something. The guide was like, oh cool, but those are actually fake goats someone put there. Oh well, they looked real to me!!
In front of Pike’s Place in Seattle. It was neat that Todd and I had both visited this place on separate times before we knew each other. 
Ready to go eat all that great food on the cruise ship!
Remember the bear crossing sign? Well, not long before that sign, we were walking to a park and this “little” bear came walking out of the woods. Right beside us. I started fast-walking and saying “let’s go! it’s a real bear!” since you aren’t supposed to run from a bear. Todd grabbed the camera and started taking pictures. His dad continued his telephone conversation (left) while he stopped and turned around to watch him. The bear took one look at us and went about his way across the street. The locals around there didn’t seem too concerned. It must be like seeing a deer or raccoon cross the street to us! It was one of the most exciting and nerve racking things of the trip!