This place will be 80 years old next year!

3,000 pound dough blob

mounds of dough ready to be made into bread

bread loaves in the pan before being baked

“world’s most giant mixer thing”

Todd and I have recently ventured into a “lower carb” diet. For about 3 weeks now it has been lots of meat, green beans, meat, salad, and did I say meat? We have slowly begun to lose a few pounds. Todd is a strong, strict, no-cheater dieter, so I recruited him to help motivate me and keep me on track (and off the carbs!).

Last Tuesday I got to go with Brock on a school field trip to Flowers Bakery in Thomasville, GA. It seemed to be a very neat thing, we would visit the baking factory then have lunch in the park. When we got there and started inside the bakery, the smell hit me.  Bread has been one of my favorite foods since I was young. Racks, and racks and pans of bread, doughnuts, honey buns, rolls, buns, any kind of bread or cakes!!! It smelled soooo good! The factory reminded me of those “how it’s made” shows. Brock and I loved it and had a really good time. We learned about mass bread making too! 
I did good, I only had a small bite of a honey bun, then got out of there fast. We enjoyed a nice lunch in the park. I guess it wasn’t such a big nightmare at all. 🙂