Egg hunt #2 was a success. We dove right in with some car riding and egg hunting. Brock was off on his own to find all the eggs he could including the “golden egg”. There were reports among the older kids that it held $40, but when it was found, it only held $5. The only action shot I could get of Brock was him running off in the distance on the hunt for the golden one.
Jake found more eggs this time. He of course wanted to look in every egg he got right then to see if there were any jelly beans. He found an orange bean and was set for the rest of the time! Hence the orange drool running down his chin.
There was a ramp car sort of thing that the boys both tried. You can see how they both liked it!

This was Brock as he drove down the hill in a tiny ramp car. He loved it of course.
Jake- not so much. this is him going down the same hill. His loving daddy gave him a big push right in the middle as he is looking at me like, “help”. Poor thing.