Why do I have days like this? I don’t know, but I’m sure some of you can relate. I spilled 3 things already and the day is not even half over. First I dropped my liquid makeup bottle spilling it all over the new tile floor. So I scrubbed and scrubbed the new grout so it would look new again.
Then, as I was getting into my car this morning, my cup of Slim-Fast dumped right out into the passenger seat. This mixture had milk in it so I had to run right in and get a bunch of towels and the resolve to clean it up. I hope it is cleaned up enough so it doesn’t start to stink.
Lastly, Jake got a cup of my Coke Zero and splashed it all over himself and the floor as I was making a grocery list. I could hear him laughing right behind me in the kitchen and turn around to see Coke splashing everywhere.
This isn’t really a spill, but it goes along with the day and is kinda funny. Angel likes to find my undies and chew on them, well I usually see her and take them away. This time, she must have stolen a pair out of the laundry basket this morning before I could see her. She hid them in her crate and when I got home and let her out for lunch, she had already had lunch. My undies were in shreds under her bed in her crate! She was trying to hide the evidence!
She’s a little troublemaker!!
I am attempting to make meatloaf from scratch tonight. I hardly make ANYTHING from scratch, so hopefully it will be good and I won’t spill it before I can get it on the table!!!!

sorry, no pics of these glorious moments.
check back for pics of the sock hop we are going to this friday.

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