We took 2 miscellaneous trips over the Christmas Break. One was the Winterblast ski trip to Ski Beech, North Carolina. A big change from Florida- we came into snow at 12 degrees that first morning! Todd, of course being the experienced skier of the family went with us at first down a few hills. This being Brock’s 4th year, he picked it right back up. We had lots of snow and blizzard-like conditions when the snow blowers were on. I got really confident after mastering the easy slope and attempted the intermediate. You cannot snow-plow down those kind of inclines, so I found out. I busted very badly and my knee did some kind of twisty thing. Of course Todd was just far enough ahead of me not to hear me scream over the snow blowers and made his way down the hill. I finally regained feeling in my leg, got up, and cried all the way down the hill. I mostly stuck to the bunny slope after that. The next day, Todd takes little Brock down the same hill. I was really worried about him and waited at the bottom. To my surprise, (and some embarrassment) Todd and Brock came sprinting down the hill like professionals. Brock went on it several times after that without falling much at all! I was really done with skiing after that!

Me and Brock on the bunny slope!

Todd, Brock, and me

the whole group

the traditional “shirtless” last run