So Jake’s a wobbler now! (That is the transition name I made up from a couple steps to walking steadily.) I am having trouble getting a good video of Jake walking, but I will post one when I get it. He really took off in the past couple of days. It is funny because he toddles with his arms up in the air like a grizzly bear! When he gets close to his destination he leans in and collapses. (destination: usually me “mem” or Todd “da”) He is such a joy and we love him so much! These pics are of him at the park. He LOVES swinging! A funny story- I have not cut Jake’s precious little baby boy hair yet. It is too sweet! But… he has a “mullet”. It is really long in the back and looks shorter in the front. He has even acquired a nickname, ‘Billy-Ray’. I still wasn’t ready to cut it until several times over the last week he was mistaken for a girl. So, look for a post soon of the new ‘do whenever I work up the courage to cut it!