Brock and Jake were pirates this year for Halloween! I also dressed up as a pirate and Todd was Fred Flintstone. We weren’t able to all match this year! The boys had a lot of fun. Jake was very interested in his mini pirate sword. This hat only stayed on for 5 minutes, then he quickly ripped it off! Brock asked if he could have a pirate face in his picture. So, the second picture is his pirate face. We had a game time and trick or treating with the kids at church. Brock’s favorite part was the pumpkin launching! It was a fun night. Maybe next year, Jake will be able to walk up to the door and get his candy!
Oh, and as for other news… Jake took his first steps this week! He has started balancing upright and will sometimes take 1/2 a step or two!!! Hopefully walking is just around the corner!