Toy companies would probably make more money if they started manufacturing “non-toy” items. Jake loves to play with the strangest things! The computer keyboard for one. This one entertained him for a whole 10 minutes. (wow). A random cord from a blanket not plugged in. An electric drill (with Todd supervising). One of the most funny, the dust-buster! So while Jake is not playing with his toys, Brock is playing with them instead. He loves to run through the house pushing Jake’s little walker/push cart. This is a pic of him enjoying his crawl tunnel. The funniest was the other day he was actually riding on his tiny push car with a pacifier in his mouth!
Jake loves bananas and I thought I would post a pic of what he usually looks like at lunch time everyday. He would eat 5 a day if I let him! I keep it down to 2 a day.
For all you “blog-stalkers”, I changed the blog a little, the age tickers are at the very bottom and i added a cool map to show where my lookers are!