So we made it through the first year! We have such a precious little boy and a great big brother too. This weekend we celebrated Jake turning one, Brock’s flag football game, and both boys were baptized on Sunday! We had grandparents and aunt and uncles and lots of friends to celebrate with. The party was a hit despite the rain bringing us inside at the last minute. Jake did not even know it was any other day other than normal! He was excited to see everyone and liked playing with his little “friends”. Thanks to everyone who came and who helped make this day special for Jake (and the rest of us). Now Jake did have his own cake and being that Brock was afraid of his cake, I could not wait for Jake to tear into his! And being the big eater he is, once he got a lick of the icing, he dug right in. Little did we know, as he was smearing his face with the green and white publix icing, he was developing an allergic reation with hives and swelling of his eyes and tongue. Yes, we all laughed and thought it was cute when he started rubbing the icing all over his face, but we didn’t know his face was itching! We took him a bathed him off and realized what was happening. I gave him some Benadryl but he was not doing much better. That is when Todd and I decided to go to the ER. We got there and soon afterward, the Benadryl had done it’s job, and we decided not to wait the 3 hours to see a doctor. Poor thing, we don’t know exactly what Jake is allergic to yet, but no more cake icing! Brock asked if he will just have to get a cookie cake from now on, I said, probably yes!!
Jake got at toy vacuum as one of his gifts and he loves that thing! He really has a weird affection for the big vacuum and always huffs and spats at it whenever I use it, so I thought I would get him his own and he has been vacuuming up a storm. (in the sitting position since we are not walking yet)

Brock had his first flag football game of the season and he did great. He got in at quarterback a few times and made some good plays, he also does a good job and running the ball and almost made a touchdown the last play of the game but the time ran out! Way to go Brock! Todd stepped in as the coach when the head coach was out of town and did a great job too! Go Coach!

Both boys were baptized at church on Sunday. Brock has accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior and received a believer’s baptism. Jake received an infant baptism being a covenant child. It was a very special and emotional service.Thanks to all the family and friends who were there to support and share this with us.