Sometimes we get to get away for a few days. We enjoyed going to Daytona Beach as a family. It was my first time to Daytona, so it was nice. The waves were pretty active, big enough for us to boogie board and body surf them. (Todd did the bodysurfing).
I was surprised that I could surf on the boogie board and make it all the way in!! Brock was impressed. Brock also likes to skim board. That is were you throw a thin little surf board in the washed up waves on the shore. (see above) I tried it, yes. Let’s just say I am lucky I did not “skim” my rear end. Jake enjoyed the beach too. (in between naps). This was his first time to a “real beach” and his favorite thing was the seagulls! Eating sand came in a close second to the birds. I really tried at first to get him to stop eating the sand, but he wanted that sand in his mouth. Every time I looked at him, he was digging for another mouthful. Oh well, he got plenty of salt that day!
Brock is a really big NASCAR fan. Not sure why, but he really likes #24 Jeff Gordon. So, being in Daytona, he was most excited about going to see the big racetrack. We did go, but got there just as the last tour left! So we got the pics we could without the “Daytona 500 experience” tour, but Brock was just really excited to be there and see the track.
Here are some pics and videos for your veiwing pleasure!