Jake is 10 months now and is crawling, and I mean he is crawling!! He is so fast and will not stop for a minute. Last month around this time, I would put him down on the floor and he just sat there smiling. This month, he is a little wiggle worm. I even try to get him to sit still for a picture, but he’s got way more important things to do! Hmm, maybe he just didn’t like this clown suit I put on him.
He loves the little pool I got him. He can crawl around in it of course. The little round one got too boring and he just tried to get out of it. I just hope the neighbors don’t mind him swimming in the nude. The other picture below is when I was putting batteries in one of his toys and looked up after 30 seconds to see he had knocked all the stuff out from under this table to crawl through and get back behind the chair!

Jake and I got a chance to visit Todd at Camp last week and it was a lot of fun. I got to see all the campers and all the fun I missed all week! I was not missing those bunk beds though.