This was my favorite part of Callaway. The Butterfly Garden. If you have never been, it is amazing to me. They have this big greenhouse type place where there are tons of butterflies and tons of flowers for them to hang out on and live on. If you are still, they will come right up to you and land on you. They keep the air temp about 80 degrees so the butterflies will want to fly around. Jake did not really notice the butterflies except for one on the ground that he wanted to squash when he got near it. At the end, there are some exotic bird cages. They do a little bird show and you can hold the birds. The big white cockatoo named Reno liked me for some reason. Last time I was there he kept combing my hair through his beak. Maybe this time he wondered where all the hair went! I kept saying “hi birdie”. He would say back, ” hi, Reno!” I guess I was supposed to refer to him by name.